Email sent out April 25, 2020


Good afternoon,

I have been putting off writing this email for about 3 weeks now, hoping that we would have a clearer picture of what the world would look like in September.  Usually at this time of year, we are writing to tell you of all the great things we have planned for this year's event - the 10th Anniversary!  
At this time, the organizing committee has decided to put things on hold. We will not open up registration until we know for sure that we will be able to host an event with more than 150 people.  Over the past 10 years, we have solidified many of our processes, and we are ready to pull things together in a few weeks if possible. Please stay tuned for more information, should the provincial guidelines change.   
After last year's event, we discussed several big changes for our 10th annual event. Some of those changes include a shorter race for the U16's (consistent with Tri BC;s sprint triathlons) and route changes for the bike and run.  
For now, please keep yourselves and your families safe.  We hope that you are finding healthy ways to cope with the life forced upon us.
Yours truly,
The Fernie Kids Tri Committee